Dingeman aLive


The new story

I am a Dutch creator and musician and I sing in English.

The styles and music that I compose, create and play are diverse and broad, and are sometimes like a story. And nature, real Life. Energy's. It are small, intimate singer songwriter songs and sometimes beautiful heavenly realms. Energy's which come free and touch you in your heart, which make you open (yourself). Pure and authentic. ALive. Energy from the essence, fromout the Heart. And you re-member yourself. You feel and see. And knows. You be. Love and Power. Free. ALive.
You can book me for many different things, formats, locations and assign. For example, I want to come play for you in a house concert, small intimate outdoor performances by and in the nature, individual music, great performances in venues and festivals, theaters and many other events and venues that have to do with music, Life, nature, consiousness and awakening, and or where I can be creative and active with music, human and this.


Love and music,